Top Reasons Why Physicians are Becoming Increasingly Frustrated at Large Healthcare Systems

February 28, 2023

In today's healthcare system, physicians are becoming increasingly frustrated with the lack of support from large healthcare systems. Physicians often feel overwhelmed by the amount of paperwork and administrative tasks they have to do on a daily basis, which can lead to burnout and dissatisfaction. Additionally, physicians may feel that they are not adequately compensated for their services or that their opinions are not taken into consideration when it comes to decision-making processes. These frustrations can lead to lower job satisfaction and even a decrease in quality of care. This article will explore some of the reasons why physicians are feeling increasingly frustrated at large healthcare systems. Here are some reasons:

The Money Trap - Financial Incentives That are Discouraging Physician Retention

The physician retention rate in the United States has been steadily declining due to financial incentives that are not beneficial for physicians. The money trap created by these incentives has led to an increase in physician burnout, dissatisfaction, and turnover. Staff reductions due to various financial reasons, overscheduling, unattainable goals, and too many workhours have led to a reduction of incentives that are discouraging physician retention and how they can be corrected.

Culture of Unsustainable Expectations - What Can be Done to Improve Physician Satisfaction?

The culture of unsustainable expectations has created an environment where physicians are increasingly feeling overworked and undervalued. The high workloads, long hours, and lack of recognition can lead to burnout and dissatisfaction among physicians. This can have a negative impact on patient care and the overall healthcare system. In a recent Medscape article “The Alarming Trend of Frustrated Physicians Leaving Large Healthcare Systems and How to Reverse It” showed that 53% of physicians feel burned out by job requirements; 65% say that burnout has impacted their relationships, and other statistics say that physicians are leaving clinical medicine because of all this pressure.

To improve physician satisfaction, we must first recognize the underlying causes of this culture of unsustainable expectations. These include factors such as increasing demand for services, lack of resources, and increased bureaucracy. We must also look at ways to address these issues by providing better support systems for physicians, reducing administrative burdens, and creating a culture that values physician well-being. By taking these steps we can create an environment that is better for both patients and physicians alike.

Unrecognized Effort & Contribution - Improving Workplace Recognition for Physicians

Physicians are often unrecognized for their hard work and dedication in the workplace. Despite the long hours, emotional labor, and immense pressure they face, physicians rarely receive recognition for their efforts. This lack of appreciation can lead to burnout, decreased morale, and a decrease in job satisfaction. To improve recognition for physicians, organizations must focus on recognizing their contributions and effort through meaningful gestures such as awards or public recognition. By acknowledging the significant role that physicians play in providing quality healthcare services, organizations can create a more positive work environment that encourages collaboration and innovation among its medical staff.

Is Virtual Healthcare a Practical Solution for Physicians?

The answer is yes! Offering telehealth services to your patients and others can give your practice a huge competitive advantage over similar practices in your area. When shopping for new healthcare providers, a recent study found patients prioritize access to care over in-person interactions with their doctors. This means adding a service that makes you more accessible to patients, like telehealth, can help you attract new patients who might otherwise select a different healthcare provider.

With virtual healthcare, such as ViClinic-Virtual Clinic, physicians can take advantage of this service by expanding their patient base and strengthening relationships with existing patients. ViClinic-Virtual Clinic allows physicians to connect with patients outside of their geographic region, which is especially effective for physicians who want to take back control of their life and medical practice.

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ViClinic Physician Benefits:

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