Comparing Telehealth Apps From The Patients' Point of View

Access, effectiveness, cost, safety, and equity are all areas in which telehealth has the potential to have an impact on the quality and cost of healthcare delivery.

Telehealth can assist in expanding access and reducing the necessity of in-person appointments in many communities with "stay-at-home" requirements.
Telehealth platforms are not intended to take the place of in-person, direct care. But for many other kinds of care, it can be a terrific alternative, such as:

  • Frequent examinations for persistent or reoccurring medical issues.
  • Treatment of infectious diseases including the flu, the common cold, or COVID-19
  • Treatment for minor ailments such as a cough, allergies, minor back pain, sprains, or strains.
  • Visits with a dermatologist for the treatment of skin conditions.
  • Services for mental health treatment, such as therapy, medication administration, and counseling.

With new apps popping up left and right, finding the right telehealth app is becoming more challenging. We are comparing key program features of the best telehealth apps and seeing how ViClinic compares to other leading telehealth platforms.

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