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Hybrid Mode

Hybrid Mode

Manage virtual and in-person visits in one place, streamlining patient care and record-keeping.

Home Visits

Home Visits

Registered nurses can perform diagnostic procedures and follow-ups while allowing patients to stay in their homes.

Dr. ViAI

Dr. Vi

Our AI-powered symptom checker offers preliminary diagnosis and triage, optimizing physicians' time and resources.

Proprietary EHR

Proprietary EHR

Our comprehensive electronic health records provide easy documentation and sharing of information between patients and physicians.

Custom Pricing

Maximum Payment Security

Built-in  third party payment system, ViClinic ensures each transaction is protected by industry-leading security measures.

ViCode Referral System

ViCode Referral System

Easy referral process for patients and physicians, improving user acquisition, retention, and patient outcomes.

Concilium Messaging

Concilium Messaging

Physicians on the ViClinic network can communicate safely and securely, fostering collaboration and promoting improved patient outcomes.

Lab Test Management

Lab Test Management

Streamlined lab tests and blood sample management for added convenience.

ViCode Referral System

Web Portal for Physicians

Easy referral process for patients and physicians, improving user acquisition, retention, and patient outcomes.

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Your Security is Our Top Priority

Telehealth app for virtual health
End-to-end encryption for data protection
HIPAA-compliant virtual consultations
We do not record or store any virtual consultation video.
Securely stored health records, lab test results, and clinical data

Hear from Satisfied ViClinic Users

Concilium Messaging

The best app for medical workers

ViClinic has transformed the way I manage my practice. The platform's ease of use and comprehensive features make it simple to provide quality care to my patients, both in-person and online.

Dr. Jane Smith

Concilium Messaging

It changed my life

As a patient, ViClinic has made it easy to access healthcare whenever I need it. The home visit feature and AI-powered symptom checker have been life-changing.

John Doe

Frequently Asked Questions

Getting Started

Is ViClinic available on both iOS and Android devices?
Yes. You can download the app on Google Play for Android or the App Store for iOS. Once downloaded, you can create your account as a patient or physician. You can then schedule virtual or in-person visits with other app users.
How do I access ViClinic as a physician?
You can set up your private virtual clinic by downloading the ViClinic app and creating a physician account. You can also sign up through the physician web portal at Once you finish the application, complete the payment process, and receive approval, you're ready to go.

Features and Functionality

Can I access my medical records through ViClinic?
Yes, you can. As a patient, you have complete control over your medical records on ViClinic. When you submit a new appointment request, you have the opportunity to update your medical history and list your current medications before finalizing the request. This ensures that your physician has the most up-to-date and accurate information before your visit. So, before submitting your request, be sure to take advantage of this feature and make any necessary updates to your electronic health record (EHR).
Can I manage existing and new patients on the same platform?
Yes, ViClinic allows for physicians to manage both new and existing patients. Our tools and resources make it easy to keep track of patient data, monitor appointments, and keep all of your important information in one place.
Is ViClinic available internationally?
No. Our virtual services are currently available in the USA.
Does ViClinic accept health insurance?
No. Our service is focused on facilitating interactions between physicians and patients. However, individuals with health insurance can submit claims to their insurance companies for reimbursement.

Security and Privacy

How does ViClinic ensure the privacy of information?
ViClinic is built on HIPAA-compliant Microsoft servers.  We safeguard your personal information and medical data with added security.
Are virtual consultations secure?
Yes. We use a proprietary messaging module with end-to-end encryption to ensure total data protection. Physicians can access patient data only after receiving your consent.  No video consultations are recorded or stored.

Billing and Pricing

How does pricing work for virtual consultations?
We offer two pricing options. They can select a standard flat fee per virtual, on-demand visit or choose a custom fee set by the provider.
Are there any additional fees for using ViClinic?
No. Sign up is free!
How does ViClinic process payments for services?
ViClinic uses Stripe to enable payment between patients and physicians. Once you have registered for the ViClinic platform, Stripe may contact you to confirm various bank account information. The submission process requires approximately 15 minutes to complete. Stripe may require additional time to confirm verification as well. This one-time process helps us ensure payment integrity and confirm physicians who participate on our platform are real and verified.

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